I had the pleasure of working with Sam in a collaborative fashion on the production of over 800 literature videos. Sam worked with our entire team on content development, creative direction, content review and quality assurance. He was a knowledgeable and resourceful partner to work with as well as just an all around good guy Continue reading Len Davis

Len Davis

Sam not only brings a high skill level of putting thoughts to pen, but is able to see it from the reader’s perspective to ensure that it is impactful as well as informative. I have come to appreciate the fact that once Sam is given an assignment, you are able to forget about it and Continue reading Young Lee

Young Lee

Sam was the best kind of partner and team member in the time we worked together at Course Hero—intelligent, passionate, incredibly reliable, and driven towards quality and results. He was often the last person in the office many days, always going above and beyond on his projects, and always had a smile on his face. Continue reading Wenchin Lee

Wenchin Lee

As a writer/editor/marketer, Sam ensured that the right style and voice was used for our corporate identity and market vision. He is an excellent listener, which gives him the ability to produce high-quality, relevant, succinct, and engaging copy.

Sareth Tricano

I hired Sam as a writer and social media consultant for my PR website, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. He’s easy to work with, provides fantastic results and always turns projects around quickly without ever sacrificing quality.

Jane Higgins

Sam and I worked closely together at SENSA. He is a talented writer who always brings new ideas to the table. Sam has such a great work ethic and attitude that I just hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with him again!

Kristin Viola

I had the opportunity to observe and work with Sam DeReign during his entire employment at Southeast Missouri Hospital. I always found Sam to be extremely diligent and conscientious with regard to his work ethic.

Jay Wolz

Sam is a gifted writer and has great instincts when it comes to marketing and PR. As a writer, he is thoughtful during the interview, prepared for anything, and knows how to work with his subject to maximize the time granted. I’d hire Sam again in a heartbeat.

Candace Quinn

In the six months I’ve worked with Sam, he’s created consistently exceptional writing for Elevate and rapidly taken on new, more varied roles as an editor and reviewer of content. For our educational mobile app, we need content that’s engaging, pedagogically sound, and concise; Sam handles all of this with ease. Sam has slid into Continue reading Peter Zogas

Peter Zogas

Sam is an all-star marketing talent who aspires to do more, be more, and achieve more. He is not to be underestimated in his job title alone, as that does not showcase the full depth of his talents. He is hard working, has a good eye for visual marketing, and is deadline driven.

David Fong